Hallux bandages

Bandages for hallux redression are made of soft, adaptable material, walking possible, usable in a wide shoe, redression adjustable.

Bandages for night securing

Post-operative therapy after knee-hip or foot surgery, wherever a movement control of the lower limbs is necessary; Preventive for the prevention of shortening in bedridden patients; drop foot prophylaxis; hemiplegia; In paralysis of the lower limbs; Chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

Foot bandages

With foot bandages we can correct, guide, redress, fix, stimulate, straighten up and thus improve standing and walking ability.

Malleosprint (ankle bandages)

The bandage, football ankle protection, secures and protects the OSG especially in sports. With the lacing it is infinitely customizable. With the omitting of the heel part and the sleek design, the bandage is very well suited to wearing football ankle protection in tight football footwear.

malleotrain s.png
MalleoTrain / MalleoTrain S

Used in case of chronic, postoperative and posttraumatic irritation conditions (for example, after distorsions) articular effusion and swelling in osteoarthritis and arthritis, tendomyopathies and ligament weaknesses.

OSSA Orthoses

Highly corrective for overcorrective foot orthosis (OSSA) made of polypropylene with soft tissue insert and heel inclination. Usable in normal shoes with removable insole or in case of severe misalignment in Künzli Ortho Stabilschuhen (stabilizing shoes by Künzli). Not suitable for spastic patients.

US-Orthosis (static, dynamic)

With lower leg orthoses, we can correct, guide, redress, fix, stimulate, straighten and thus improve standing and walking ability.

Aircast / Walker

Pre- or postoperative / post-traumatic immobilization, stable foot and / or ankle fractures, severe ankle distortion, postoperative stable lower leg fractures.

Dorsal flexor / Heifelberg splint (plastic or carbon)

Air Cast / Walker Foot orthotic with different dorsal extension force in the ankle and control of pro- and supination footbed made to measure, as needed.

Lightweight prefabricated foot orthosis with dorsal extension effect.

Quengel splint,- Orthosis

Thigh Quengel-ortheses made of plastic or carbon to measure to improve flexion or resp. extension with foot part.


Circular Compression Double Shell Orthosis for "Soft Splinting" of fractures. To prevent edema, a compression stocking should be worn.