MMC device

This walking frame is made of plaster cast and technically includes two thigh orthoses which are made with a pelvic / torso part. Equipped with the desired "walking function", which is made possible by the attached hip joints, knee joints and / or ankle joints that can be provided with different joints in order to allow a forward movement which is as harmonic as possible. Depending on the skin compatibility and design requirements, different upholstery variants and color patterns can be used as well as different materials can be used for the production. This type of orthosis is usually used for children's muscle diseases, as well as for affected adults suffering from conditions such as spina bifida, polyomyelitis or spinal muscular atrophy and is a good help to promote or maintain the ability to walk.

Foot orthosis inner shoe

Inner shoe to achieve an optimal fit of the foot with misalignment in a ready-made, stable shoe. More stable than an underfoot and lighter than a lower leg orthosis.

Quengel splint

e.g. a thighs Quengel ortheosis custom made from plastic or carbon to improve flexion or extension with foot part.

Derotation splint

Orthosis from the pelvis to the foot; all the way to the detorsion. The range of detorsion is not well defined, as the rotation occurs at all levels between the pelvis and the foot. Fixation of the orthosis on the pelvic and shoe or lower leg orthosis. The detorsion is smoothly adjustable.

Chêneau corset

Custom made (CAD data) brace corset (Chêneau corset) with front opening. Control of treatment success by regular standing or sitting radiological controls. Measure is carried out by the most modern technology.

Ponsetti clump foor orthosis

Redression orthosis for secure positioning of both feet in terms of rotation, adduction and plantar flexion. Long service life due to good adjustability and possibility of thermoplastic reshaping. The shoes can be separated from the webbing for tightening.