The Orthorama AG is a specialized stockist in your area, offering you various services as well as excellent products in the field of orthopedics.


From now on we also offer a rental service for Kinetec devices. The early passive and gentle movement without putting any stress or load on the body part is particularly important for the healing process of the patients after the operation.


The therapy with a motorized movement splint promotes your healing process because it:

-        secures the result of the surgery

-        helps to avoid joint adherence and stiffening

-        accelerates the healing of your cartilage, tendons and ligaments

-        maintain and improves your joint functions

-        is proven to relieve your pain and swelling

         shortenes your rehabilitation


The effectiveness has been proven by a variety of scientific studies.

How does the splint get to your home or to the clinic?

Who orders it?

Ideally, the device will be ordered directly by the doctor or physiotherapist by fax, telephone or e-mail indicating the range of motion on the expected release date. Then they call your patient adviser and agree on the delivery date of the device.

We are here for you. Your patient advisor will be happy to answer your queries during the duration of the therapy.


Call us, we're here to help.

Your patient adviser will gladly answer your questions during your therapy.


Does my health insurance cover the treatment costs?

Our rental rates are anchored in the basic insurance and are based on the UVG tariffs set by SUVA. Health insurance companies take over the cost contribution based on the MiGel (list of funds and items) for therapeutic exercise equipment, power-operated. Any difference must be borne by the patient. UVG cases can be settled by us after the cost approval directly with the insurer.


Tariffs according to UVG / SUVA / health insurance

SUVA max 30 days       8.55 – per day              *fixed rate service fee 180.-

UVG max 30 days         8.55 – per day              *fixed rate service fee 180.-
KK max 30 days           8.55 – per day              **fixed rate service fee 180.-

(* The fixed rate service fee includes: delivery, maintenance, instruction)
(** The fixed rate service fee is not covered by health insurance.)


You will need a new prescription incl. a medical evaluation for any and all extension of treatment.

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide the corresponding prescription for an extension of treatment.

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