Anatomically three-dimensional formed knee bandage. The built-in silicone pad serves to compress the parapatellaous effusions. Lightweight side splint.

GenuTrain S

Stabilizing knee bandage; Fixation of the lateral splints with inelastic straps; Splints thermoplastic re-shapeable. Surrounding the patella with ring-shaped, visco-elastic silicone insert.

GenuTrain S PRO

Active bandages have adjustable joints. In combination with two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, they guide the knee joint safely during movement. Depending on the setting of the joints, the splints may restrict the flexion angle and the extension angle of the leg. This limitation of movement serves to correct incorrect movements and protects the knee in certain phases of the therapy.

softtec genu.png
Softec Genu

The Softec Genu knee orthosis is a long, stabilizing and contoured knee bandage made from breathable, skin-friendly fabric. Side aluminum splints and circular velcro straps for increased lateral stability. Self-adjusting pivot point of the knee joint. Limitation of movement possible.

GenuTrain P3

GenuTrain P3 has an analgesic effect on malalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain due to patellar tubercle syndrome. The active bandage with two incorporated pressure pad (pads) and a correction reins stabilizes the position of the patella, activates the muscles and thus accelerates the healing process.

Genu Fit
  • Treatment of strain I.-II. degree of secondary-medial ligaments

  • Treatment of strain I.-II. degree of secondary-lateral ligaments

  • Prevention of recurrent strains LCM and LCL during exercise.

  • Chronic latero-medial instability (clubfoot / X-leg)

  • Pain in the thigh-patellar area Osteoarthritis

Post Op knee splint

Pre- or postoperative / post-traumatic immobilization, stable foot and / or ankle fractures, severe ankle distorsion, postoperative stable lower leg fractures.

Custom made carbon knee orthosis

VKB, HKB and side rupture of ligament
Instability of ligament
Tibial osteotomy
Tibiaplato fracture


Conservative or postoperative follow-up of HKB, VKB and MSB ruptures.

Knee Quengel-ortheses

Custom made Quengel orthoses made from plastic or carbon to improve flexion or resp. extension with foot part.