LWS Syndroms

  • Lower back pain

  • Muscular disbalance

  • Ligamentosis


  • Smooth adjustable anatomical bandage with silicone pads

  • Slight restriction of movement

  • Model for males/females


Lumbalgia - Degenerative alteration of the spine.


  • Smooth adjustable compression

  • Stabilizing bandage with relieving effect

  • With back-adjustable sticks

Belly bandage

The elastic bandage for compression of the abdomen is individually adjustable. Available in different heights.

Ostomy bandage

The circular compression bandage is metal reinforced. An increase in pressure with additional pads is possible. Customizable with or without ostomy output.

Rib girdle

Elastic bandage to support and stabilize the rib thorax.

Symphysis girdle

The Symphysic Belt is equipped with special straps, which are adjustable in size and supportive effect. As a result, the optimal support effect is achieved throughout the day during various activities without exerting pressure on the abdomen.

Lumbar corset

Lumbar girdles reaching from the costal arch to the iliac crest, front elastic, dorsal with metal reinforcement.

Spinova Immo

Relief, support & stabilization of the spine.

3. point corset Bähler


  • Compression fractures Th9-L5

  • With reservation in case of osteoporosis



  • Straightening and fixing the spine in hyperlordosis

3. Frame corset


  • Compression fractures Th9-L5

  • With reservation in case of osteoporosis



  • Straightening and fixing the spine in hyperlordosis

  • Individual sizing

  • Custom made according to plaster model

Straightening corset

Four aluminum sticks in the back of the straightening corset straighten the lumbar spine and help it maintain an anatomically correct and therefore painless posture. The sticks can still be reshaped if the individual anatomy calls for it. The velcro fastener on the front allows you to individually control the strength of the pressure effect on the abdomen and thus indirectly relieves pressure on the lumbar spine.

Cheneau corset


  • Idiopathic scolioses with severe bends at 25 ° -70 °


  • Rotation correction with fixed pressure pads.

  • Custom made according to plaster model

Pair case corset

Immobilizing, fixing double-shell corset with side closure straps made to CAD or plaster cast.

Dynamic corset

Movable corset with release of flexion / extension, but lateral guidance as well as redression of lordosis and kyphosis.

Manual and custom made CAD screening

Computer-assisted further processing of the patient's measurements. Important reference values are measured on the patient, recorded on the computer, and this then calculates a three-dimensional model Corrections can be individually integrated on the computer.

Early detection of scoliosis ​

Idiopathic scoliosis develops inconspicuously - and as "idiopathic" states - without identifiable cause. It causes a three-dimensionally curved spine, associated with a twisting of vertebrae, malpositions of shoulders, chest and pelvis and unnatural movement patterns.

Click here for additional information about "early detection of scoliosis"

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